When it comes to moving house, there’s a lot to be remembered. From all the big physical activities down to the bits of paperwork, this is the reason some things get left behind. Moving is already a hassle, and you do not want to add more to your plate. If you ignore these tasks while […]

Life happens! in a new job that takes you somewhere outside town or in the form of an addition to the family that warrants an upgrade from a one room flat to a place with room for a growing family. You may find out that the house you have been eyeing with envious glances has […]

So you’ve made the life altering decision to move home. The choice to move is never an easy one; even if it may have been the only option. The decision to put all that you possess in boxes and send them off to await you on the other side of an unknown journey is rarely […]

It’s hard saying goodbye to all the people, places and surroundings you’ve known for a good part of your life, and which hold fond memories for you. It’s stressful moving to into the unknown, to begin to adapt to changes, seeing and trying to get familiar with new places, environments, and faces, with no solid […]

What’s the second most exciting thing after buying a house? Actually moving into it! English actress and model Elizabeth Hurley said “I love moving. I love new houses. I’m always looking for somewhere else”. Just imagine how disappointed you’d be after buying a new house, and on moving day you find out that your hastily […]

If you’re planning to move house, you very likely are also considering hiring a removal company to assist with the seamless and convenient transition from an old location to a new home. But if this is your first time of moving home or office, there are a few fundamental things you should know. How Do […]

Moving house in Manchester, or anywhere for that matter, can be very stressful. You need to ensure that your belongings, especially fragile items, are well packed, protected and safely moved. This is where removal companies come in- to ensure that whatever form of organization and processes involved in moving are handled properly. That being said, […]

Of all the things you have to worry about packing when moving house, electronic gadgets are one of the most fragile. Moving day can be stressful, and there is the risk of damaging delicate items like these. You can be sure that with a good removal company, your delicate belongings will be handled with care. […]

Moving house can be a daunting task. You may not know what to expect, especially if you have never moved before. From packing until moving day, keeping track of what needs to be done can be challenging. In our experience, we have found some guidelines that will make the moving experience as stress-free as possible. […]

The ideal moving strategy goes like this: begin planning months ahead, choose a moving company long before hand, and take your time to pack and organise your stuff. What happens when life gets in the way, and you cannot avoid the last minute move? Moving house in a hurry can be challenging, but you can […]