Essential Tips for a Stress-free House Move

Moving house can be a daunting task. You may not know what to expect, especially if you have never moved before. From packing until moving day, keeping track of what needs to be done can be challenging. In our experience, we have found some guidelines that will make the moving experience as stress-free as possible. We have put together these essential tips that have always worked.


There is nothing more essential to a seamless move than planning. To avoid last minute rush or confusion, it is important to plan your move as early as possible. Think about how to go about packing, how you plan on handling fragile items, what to do about moving stuff in the garage, kitchen and so on.

Factor in whether or not you will need storage services, and what moving company to use. Since these are your possessions in question, you need to go for an experienced and reliable removal service.

Also, it is important to book on time, as last minute bookings may cause disappointments.

Start Packing Early

You may not realize how much packing you need to do, until you actually begin. As soon as you are sure of your move date, start packing the non-essential items. You will find that early packing helps you take your time and helps with better organization of the moving process.

We recommend that you designate a box for important stuff such as passports and so on. It is easy for you to misplace such documents when moving.


Handling fewer boxes when moving saves you a lot of stress. With packing, you are sure to find several belongings that you probably didn’t realize you owned. If you can do away with such items by all means, do. Moving is an opportunity for you to de-clutter, and begin afresh in your new home. If you don’t really need certain things, you may want to consider giving them away.

Make a List and Label

Whether you decide to colour code or label, be sure to indicate what each box contains and where it should go for easy organization.

Labelling specifically helps too. For example, instead of simply labelling a box ‘kitchen,’ you may want to label it ‘cleaning products for kitchen.’ This helps when you are unpacking.

In order to keep track of belongings during the move process, having a list of all your belongings helps a great deal. If you have an inventory list per box, all the better.

Unpack as Soon as You Can

Moving can be so overwhelming that you may be tempted not to unpack immediately. The reality is that unpacking makes up the other half of a complete move. Settling in after moving takes some time. Therefore, you should unpack as soon as possible to settle in quickly. Unpacking right away saves you the inconvenience of living from boxes for too long.

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