The Psychology of Moving House in Manchester- or Anywhere!

It’s hard saying goodbye to all the people, places and surroundings you’ve known for a good part of your life, and which hold fond memories for you.

It’s stressful moving to into the unknown, to begin to adapt to changes, seeing and trying to get familiar with new places, environments, and faces, with no solid assurance you can count on the latter when you need them.

It’s difficult taking on a new lifestyle, establishing new relationships and attempting to understand and live by new social codes and guidelines, local norms and even different world views.

Why Moving House Is So Hard

Moving house comes with a lot of emotions, not the least the burden of shouldering the huge costs.  You certainly won’t be wearing a smile on your face when you make an estimation of how much of your hard earned money will be sunk into a single, tasking event.

Unfortunately, it’s a decision where you really don’t have other options and you’ll have to provide for all the costs of relocation plus the final day moving expenses.

Don’t forget that the cost of moving is not just the professional charges of moving companies you have booked. There are several other hidden costs that you’ll have to factor into your final budget, including expenses not directly tied to the moving process, but resulting from it.

“Before even hiring and paying for the services of a professional moving company, you will have to either buy a new home or rent one. Whichever you’re able to opt for, you’ll have to pay substantial sums every month as rent or mortgage, upfront admin fees, legal fee, stamp duty and so on. That is why speaking to a mortgage advisor is so important and they can help you achieve these goals.” explains Mortgage and Insurance advisor, Barry, from Mortgage Saving Experts.

A significant part of your moving budget will be set aside to pay for the moving company you have hired.  You may be considering whether or not to choose the full service move because of its high cost, but it includes everything and you may save more in the end as you will not have anything extra to worry about; there won’t be extra charges, like boxes, fuel, specialist packaging, after hours rates and so forth.

What are The Hidden Costs of Moving House?

Of course, when driving with your family to your new home, you will not only have to fuel your vehicle for the long journey, you’ll also need to deal with other on-the-road expenses like parking fees, road tolls, vehicle insurance, and meals and lodgings.

If you’re going by plane, you’ll have to buy plane tickets and find practical, convenient and cost-efficient ways to transport your vehicles to your new address.

Most times, your new home will require some redecoration or renovation work, which will certainly cost you some more; so you’ll need to plan your budget well.

Don’t forget that in the spirit of the moment you may be looking to replace old furniture with new, in addition to looking to add a few new home appliances as well.

Besides any deposits for rent or mortgages, you’ll also have to set aside funds for home provisions and supplies such as food, medication, toiletries; everything that you didn’t bring with you or need to restock on.


Why Moving House Is Stressful

Moving house is stressful because it changes everything. In fact, it can disrupt almost every area of your life and daily routine; including the way you treat and take care of yourself if, for example, you get a new job or your new location has a different climate. What’s worse, there is a clear and final deadline where you must move. You need to get your old property cleared by a certain day. Challenges happen, and things get in the way. It gets stressful because there never seems to be enough time to get things done.

The stress that is also associated with moving house usually comes with the difficulty in adapting to new and strange situations and experiences that you’ll have to deal with — and which naturally triggers an emotional reaction.

Moving is hard on the kids, too. It certainly will give them an odd feeling going to places they’re not familiar with and having to start school in an entirely new place, with new classmates and in a new environment. They’ll need to start making new friends and adapt to the new location. And don’t forget it will take a long time to get used to the new friends, places and surroundings even after several visits and meeting up. In the end, all of reactions and its effects on your children will tell on you too.

Even your beloved pets will observe the change in environment and will be affected. They will find it hard in the same way as your kids and you will get to see it as they cower and hide every now and then.

And you too, the move will mean a lot of changes in some of the most important areas of your life — a new residence, a new job and new colleagues, new friends and new hanging out spots, and so on.

A change in your residential address affects you in significant ways and it can change your lifestyle a well. You’ll discover there’ll be a lot of new things you and your family will simply have to get used to and it will require time, effort and patience on everyone’s part.

Why Does Moving House Cause Anxiety?

Ordinarily, moving to a new location presents a chance to begin afresh and explore new opportunities, but there’s also a melancholy feeling that also goes with it, at least at the initial stages.

Regardless of the promises your new home holds up and the excitement it triggers, you’ll certainly have to battle the negative feeling about leaving your past — a huge part of your life and fond memories — behind.

You feel sad about having to part with people who matter to you most — friends and some family members — and you get lonely and disheartened.

You feel demoralized saying your goodbyes to your old home that has become a part of. You feel hard done by leaving behind all of your favourite places and relaxation spots, which inspired your imagination and were the venue for laughter with best friends.

Why Does Moving House Take So Long?

Changing homes is simply time consuming. You’ll have to decide what to pack and how to do it. And then you’ll have to take time to buy your packing boxes and choose your moving company after you’ve probably contacted several, got quotes, welcomed surveys and compared prices and services.

Of course, there’s the home hunting part, which could take many months and sometimes even up to a year, depending on your preferences.


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