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Moving House? Important removal tips to keep in mind

Are you planning on moving house in the near future? Here are some tips to ensure a problem free, cost-efficient move.

  • Book well ahead of time. In many cases you will find the removal company occupied on your preferred date if you wait till your moving date is close. This is especially the case if your move date is on a weekend or month end.


  • Start packing earlier. It is easy to underestimate the amount of time it will take you to box things up. If you still have items to pack in on moving day, you may end up paying the removal team for standing around.


  • Always keep the removal company in the loop for any possible changes to the move date. This way, they will be able to readjust in line with your changes. If you fail to do this the company may turn up on the day of the move when you are not ready and you may end up paying all or some of their day’s wages.


  • If you have a lot of possessions to move, it is best to get the company to personally visit your property for a proper assessment. Phone or e-mail communications are rarely thorough enough in such circumstances and the company could change pricing on moving day.


  • Discuss with the company about how belongings should be packed. Which items will go in the vehicle first? This way you will be able to pack in an efficient manner and avoid wasting the removal company’s time.


  • Confirm if you have to pay penalty fees if the removal company has to work beyond set hours.


  • Confirm if your household insurance policy already covers the house move before getting additional cover.


  • Avoid overfilling boxes; it will not only make them too heavy to carry but the boxes can break, damaging whatever they contain. Similarly, avoid under packing boxes or else they will crumple when stacked under heavier things.


  • Ensure there is an individual keeping an eye on your belongings in the van on moving day. An unguarded and partly loaded van is a great attraction for opportunistic thieves, especially if you live in an inner city area.


  • Don’t forget to have a backup plan. Even the best removal companies can disappoint. A broken vehicle or an accident could lead to the company being unable to honour their side of the bargain. In this situation there is little you can do other than call up another good removal company that will respond in a timely manner.


  • Work out if the removal company has enough staff to aid in the carrying and loading process. This is very important if you have no plans in taking part in the loading.


  • Confirm that the company has blankets to protect your furniture from scratching during the transportation process.


  • Confirm that the removal company has adequate insurance to cover mishaps while in transit. This is most important if you are moving possessions a long way and have to spend the night on the road.


  • Keep a kettle for hot drinks and some bottled water nearby for the removal team to remain energised and hydrated until the final sweep. Throw in some snacks if you can as well!


  • Move around the house to be sure everything has been moved and that nothing is forgotten


  • Paying by the hour? Don’t forget to factor in travel time and traffic.

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