Christmas Removal Check List

More people than you would think move house in December – sometimes just in time for Christmas. While the first and last thing on most of our minds at the tinselled end of the year is removal vans, packing and decorating anything but the tree and fairy lights, many people decide to get the job of moving home done well before the 25th December. For some this isn’t possible, and the process of moving house continues well in to the festive season. With estate agents closing for the festive period, for those who’ve been avidly searching all autumn for the perfect rental property, it is understandable that moving in after a long year just needs to happen. Likewise, those buying and selling their home know that if there have been hiccups along the way, the stress involved can sometimes feel as though it never has an end, and really, just getting the keys and celebrating getting through the door can be a great way to end the year. The exchanging of contracts and completion for the end of the year shows a steely determination and some serious organisation skills. Man and Van Simply have some-house moving tips for those taking the plunge at Christmas, helping you gain some clarity over this stressful period, and not just giving you alternative reasons to call the 26th December, Boxing Day. Good Luck and Happy Christmas!

Make Lists And Keep A Routine

While we know you’ve probably it covered, but writing things down can really help with staying on top of the process. With school routines, after school clubs, festive social gatherings and whatever else, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with the stresses of moving home in the midst of a hectic time of year.

Bad Weather

Check the weather reports regularly up to the move-in date, and ensure all of your removal arrangements are booked in advance. In the case of bad weather, our removal people are experienced and happy to help. Practically, please make sure that on Moving Day any paths, access points and driveways be salted to prevent slipping or falling with any breakables. Make sure you and your children are wrapped up with warm hats and waterproof layers for the big day itself.

Settling In!

While you’re probably doing most of your present shopping online this year, it is probably a convenient idea to order an online shop for your groceries to be delivered to your new address soon after you move in, in case you are caught short with opening times-especially if the neighbourhood isn’t familiar to you. Likewise, if you’re moving in the days and hours before the big day, work out in advance what you’re doing for the big day itself. Setting up or unpacking only what you need in terms of comfort and cosiness will make the first Christmas in your new home novel and fun, and certainly one to remember. Don’t forget the champagne – you’ve certainly earned it!

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